Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

Baldwin Scenic Overlook is in Culver City. It's a hike with multiple routes and various lookout points to see the whole city. There's the main hike which is a steep staircase to the highest point all along dirt and grass. When you get there, parking is cheap (try to park on the street rather than the lot if possible) and the main path is on the left of the entrance. On the right side is a sidewalk that leads up to a lower point.

We unfortunately didn't realize we couldn't bring dogs on the main path because they don't want them disturbing the wildlife. So instead we were able to walk the sidewalk to the lower point. This was a spot where you can still see a lot of the city, though, so it wasn't a waste of a trip. From there we decided to follow another path to a bunch of baseball fields and eventually a small dog park. It was good to get our dog some social time with other dogs for a bit and it was a clean, friendly park.

There's plenty to do and you will definitely get some exercise in so dress in something you don't mind sweating in!

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