Brick and Flour

Brick and Flour is an artisanal Mexican grill in Glendale that serves big sizes of sloppy, delicious food. Their big item on the menu is the carne asada fries (pictured here). You can also get it nacho-style but either way, we tried it and it was delicious. A 'small' size is definitely not small so think about how hungry you actually are before you get the large size. It easily could be its own meal and was a flavor explosion.

Andrew also tried the steak burrito and could barely finish it, it was so big. Again, very tasty and worth the money. Jessica tried the Al Pastor tacos which were yummy but surprisingly spicy. She wasn't sure why it was spicy exactly but it seems like the meat itself was the source of it, as the steak on the fries weren't. So just a heads up if that's not your thing!

Amazing, cheap, and worth it.

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