Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium houses the 2020 World Series Champion Dodgers! As far as baseball stadiums go, it's definitely the prettiest in our humble opinion. It's colorful, huge, the grass is very green and the clay very... clay colored? Anyway, it was sleek and impressive. There are areas where you can practice your pitching and hitting. There are areas you can sit on chairs, walk on a giant "L.A." and take really sweet pictures of the field. They have shrines sprinkled throughout honoring past and current players and teams. If you're into it, there's a lot of places to read the history and stats of the team.

Let's first talk about how we got there. What we were recommended, and what we recommend to you, is to park at or near Union Station and head onto the Dodger Express Bus. This bus is free but you will need to pay for parking which was $16. It arrives every 10-15 min and takes you to the very front of the stadium so it's an easy, simple way to arrive. It also will pick you up and take you back to the station when you're finished. The parking at the stadium is $40 (we were told) and extremely annoying and difficult to get out of.

Food-wise, there are a lot of options and a variety of food and drinks to try. Like many stadiums, the food is very expensive so we recommend bringing your own food (in a see-through bag) to save some money. We chose a BBQ place near the entrance of the stadium. Jessica got the BBQ Nachos that came in a plastic Dodger's bowl shaped like a baseball. They were pretty good but very messy so be sure to grab a fork and napkins! With that, she tried the Kershaw's Wicked Curve Grapefruit Wheat Ale and enjoyed it but warns if you aren't super into grapefruits you wouldn't like it. Andrew go the pulled pork sandwich which was $17 with no sides or drinks included and thought it wasn't good at all. Very disappointing.

The prices for tickets weren't too bad but you may want to wait til the day before or the day of to get tickets because we noticed they dropped in price by then. The game was fun and energetic, surrounded by avid fans.

It's a great time, for sure. We recommend, even if you're not into baseball, to give a game a shot. It's a cool place to explore and watch a game in. Do it!

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