Downtown Malls

We visited two malls in DTLA to mainly check out the Christmas decorations; as we read they were cool. But while we were there, we wanted to take a look at what stores are present at each. This is what we found.


This is the mall in the first few pictures. As you can see, there are about 3 levels and the first level is below the street. The main store is a Macy's and the Starbucks is probably the other place most people go to here. Other than that, the stores were pretty unexciting honestly. They did have a gym and there was an Alamo Drafthouse (a movie theater-bar) on the top floor which, to us, was the best part. Obviously theaters are closed during the pandemic but we will at least be back to watch movies when everything's okay again.

As far as the Christmas decorations go, it was pretty. There was a big lit up tree (pictured) in the middle of the faux grass dog play area. At street level there is a giant lit up ornament with a tunnel through it for you to walk in. It was fun to look at for a moment but we would say it's not necessarily the most exciting thing to visit during Christmas.


We actually had been to this mall before. It's a close walk to The BLOC if you wanted to make two stops in one day. The main store is a Target and it's also three levels high with the top floor being the street. They have a few more exciting stores than the BLOC like Victoria's Secret and H&M. It also has a gym. This one has a food court but the options weren't recognizable to us. We didn't try any of the food but some of it looked worth giving a try!

There were a lot of Christmas lights strung up around the shops which made it a more beautiful place to walk around but, once again, not worth going there for if you're not also going to shop.

Our verdict is that there are definitely better malls to go to. We suggest going to Glendale and visit the Galleria and the Americana. One is a huge indoor mall with three levels and the other is a fancy outdoor mall right next to it. Lots of great shops to look at and some lovely places to get a bite to eat.

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