Forest Lawn Cemetery

There are multiple Forest Lawn Cemeteries in Los Angeles but the one we visited was in Glendale. This site is home to famous celebrities such as Walt Disney, Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gable and more. Before you go, make sure you do some research as to where the graves you want to see are located because this place is HUGE. Like, massive. It took us way too long to find the first grave which was Walt Disney. To save you some time, he was in the garden in front of the Freedom Mausoleum at the very top of the hill. Most of the other celebrities except Jimmy Stewart is located in the main mausoleum. Jimmy is just in a ground grave mixed in with nobodies. We didn't even try to find his.

Something to note: you can go into any mausoleum freely EXCEPT for the main one. You can only visit one grave and only one grave. Essentially, to get in, you must tell the security guard through an intercom who you want to see and they will direct you to the location. Apparently the people in there paid for extra privacy or something. What we did was ask to see Yogananda, the Indian monk who introduced Yoga to the United States. This was a suggestion made by a good friend of ours because he is located near Michael Jackson's grave. In hindsight, we maybe could have just asked to see Michael's grave and they would have allowed it but we weren't sure if they would say no to us looking at a huge celebrity's grave.

Here's what happened: we saw Yogananda's grave and then quickly tried to find Michael's grave. We were successful without any security stopping us but the site was covered unfortunately. Still, no one stopped us, so we kept going deeper into the mausoleum. Eventually we were halted by a guard who explained we weren't supposed to be wandering and he escorted us peacefully out of the building. Totally worth it.

This is definitely a place to visit, not only for the celebrity experience but for the beautiful, vast scenery overlooking LA valley. The views are similar to the Griffith Observatory so it makes for a relaxing and romantic evening.

We haven't visited the other Forest Lawn locations but you're sure to find more celebrities around.

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