Golden Apple Comics

Golden Apple Comics was a recommendation in a book we read called "Writing Films for Fun and Profit" by Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon (highly recommend this book it you plan on being a writer). They dubbed this comic book store as the best one in Los Angeles so we had to check it out. Celebrities visit the store frequently to promote their projects and do signings. Its antiquity and L.A. aura make this a comfortable and fun place to peruse comics and other fanfare. It's pretty small but there was a lot to look through. Essentially, it there is a popular book that came out, they would be one of the first to get it in stock. Which of course also means they run out quickly so get there as soon as you can!

Our official review of this place is that it's a cute, filled-to-the-brim spot where comic book fans can thrive. You can buy statues, old toys, kids comics, and more. And as we said, you may even make a celebrity sighting!

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