Millet Crepe

Millet Crepe is a dessert shop in West Los Angeles, Sawtelle Japantown, where their main specialty is creme brulee crepes. Yes, they put creme brulee in a crepe. They fill the crepe with custard, roll it up like an ice cream cone, put another dollop of custard on the top, sprinkle sugar on it and brulee it. You get a spoon to eat it with but you can also just chomp on the damn thing. Man oh man, this thing is GOOD. Our favorite dessert of all time is creme brulee so it really hit the spot in a new, unique sort of way. They are priced around $8 and you can have different flavors of custard, ice cream on top instead, fruit, nutella, cereal, you name it. We definitely will have to keep going back for more varieties to try

. You know, for science.

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