Monty's Good Burger

Monty's Good Burger is a 100% plant-based burger and shakes joint with multiple locations across L.A. We got take-out from the Korea Town location. From what we could tell, there wasn't any sitting space inside the restaurant even with the COVID restrictions in place. So once things open up, this location may not be the best to sit down.

Andrew got the double cheese burger and Jessica got the single cheese burger. For a place that's completely vegan, they know how to make everything taste like it isn't. They use Impossible Meat in their burgers and non-dairy products in their cheese and shakes. We didn't try the shakes but we did try their homemade soda. The one we chose was the Vanilla Cream Soda and it was delicious. You can pretty much get a homemade version of any soda that you want and our bet is they all taste great.

For our sides, Andrew got the tater tots and Jessica got the shoestring fries. The amount of fries and tots we got for the price was substantial. What's better, they make all of their dipping sauces themselves including the ketchup (which they did better than anyone else we've tried). The onion aioli was intriguing to us so we got it and it basically tasted like the french onion dip you can get at the store to eat with Ruffles. It was so good.

It's a burger place to try, for sure. It was all tasty and it's perfect for those of you who are trying to cut meat and dairy from your diet but don't want to miss out on flavor.

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