Ojai Scenic Drive

In the time of COVID we wanted to add some scenic drives to our site. We drove to Ojai, a small town and hour and a half north of Los Angeles. When you type it into Google Maps, it'll bring up two routes: the shorter and less scenic way and the scenic, by the coast way that's 30-45 min longer. We chose the scenic route because that's really why were driving there. Along the way you can see the beach and beautiful forests of trees and colorful bushes along the highway. On the way we stopped at a look out point on Lake Casitas. The air was clean and fresh and it was a gorgeous view.

As we arrived in Ojai, we wished we felt safe from COVID enough to go around and look at all the cute, western/latin style architecture. It had the feel of a tiny, old town with a small population. All while also having rich, luxurious spas and resorts. Most certainly seemed like a place to vacation to when we are able. But in terms of a nice, relaxing, traffic-free drive, it was pretty great.

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