Pink Taco

Pink Taco (they swear it has nothing to do with genitalia and we don't believe them) is on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. Because of the pandemic, we weren't able to physically go to the restaurant; we got delivery. Though, when you look at images online of what it looks like, it seems like it's every 2006 girls' dream with pink and black everywhere.

What's more important is the food. We REALLY liked it. Andrew got the chicken enchiladas and claimed it was the best one he has tried so far down here. Jessica got the Sweet Potato Taco plate. It consisted of three corn tacos with fried chunks of sweet potato garnished with radishes, cactus salsa and cojita cheese. Normally she would get meat like the Al Pastor but because of the uniqueness of the sweet potato, she decided to give it a go. It was delicious and highly recommended. The portions were filling, too, so be sure to prepare yourself for leftovers.

One thing we don't believe was worth the time was the street corn. Mainly because it's more expensive than actual street corn but it's also just not the most satisfying.

We hope to go visit the restaurant once we are allowed and try some of their margaritas!

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