Rate your landlord!

Use the platform Betre to review your landlord and find reviews on potential landlords when you move: https://.betre.bubbleapps.io

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Los Angeles Charities

https://www.treepeople.org/ https://www.maedayrescue.com/ https://www.pugnationla.org/home/ https://www.angelfood.org/ https://www.chirla.org/ https://www.changelives.org/

L.A. Community Fridges

Use this Instagram account to find community fridges for when you or a friend need a little help feeding yourself. You can also find information on how to donate food. https://www.instagram.com/lacomm

Stay Housed L.A.

Find an affordable attorney to help you with your rental disputes. This program makes sure you can stay in your apartment while you figure things out financially. https://www.stayhousedla.org/?fbclid=