STK Steakhouse

STK Steakhouse is a restaurant in Westwood @ The W hotel. We ordered their Thanksgiving dinner special a couple days before the holiday which is very complicated to do so close to the day. Most places are sold out by then so it's a great "last minute" option. It also was cheaper than most places to get a full meal for two for $100 (most go for $150+). It was difficult to order on their website as it was down but we were able to order it to-go on Grubhub easily. The people who ordered "curb-side" struggled to get their order in a quick fashion because the staff had no way of being notified of them arriving. So, clearly they weren't fully prepared to go online but, can you really blame them when they're in the middle of a pandemic? Once we arrived, they were baking turkey fresh so we had to wait, maybe 30 min. They handed out free glasses of top-shelf wine as we waited, though, so they made sure the wait wasn't too bad.

All of the pain was worth it, though, because the food was PHENOMENAL. What was included was turkey, cornbread stuffing (which was basically just corn bread crumbled on top), cranberry-orange glaze, mashed potatoes, green beans, yams, sweet corn pudding, and a slice of pumpkin pie for each of us. All of it was absolutely delicious and we were in pain trying to eat it all. It was a lot of food and we couldn't decide which was our favorite dish. Obviously this dish is available only once a year but we figured we would review it not only because it was amazing, but we understand that people aren't always able to travel for Thanksgiving and need an option that's for a small group. They most likely will have Christmas dinners available as well to-go this year!

Once things open up and is safe, we for sure will go back to try their steaks and anything else that sounds tasty to us.

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