Tacos Tu Madre

Tacos Tu Madre has multiple locations but Los Feliz is the closest to us so that's where we got the food from. From its name you know what they're about. Tacos. So what did we try? That's right-- breakfast burritos!

To be fair, we've had a lot of tacos in L.A. but hadn't had a single breakfast burrito so can you blame us for being different this time? We had heard that they had some of the best so we had to give it a go. And boy were they good. Andrew got the basic steak burrito (scrambled eggs, truffle guac, American cheese, tater tots) and loved it. Jessica got the Honey Sriracha Chicken burrito and REALLY loved it. Out of the two, we agreed the chicken was the best. It's sweet and tangy with a little bit of spice. Plus, the chicken is perfectly fried. Highly recommend.

By now you probably understand it's not exactly fully "authentic" Mexican food but it's delicious regardless. Not only that, the portions are big enough to make two meal out of it for a fair price. We'll be back here again.


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