This is a place we've been to before about a couple of years ago. It's a Mexican restaurant and bar on Hollywood Boulevard. We ventured there one night while seeing the sights on the boulevard and decided it looked like a good place to try. There's indoor and outdoor seating and everything is lit like a nightclub. Definitely a chill, fun vibe.

Now for the food. Our absolute favorite thing we tried were their famous Te'kila wings. It's soaked and baked in tequila and lime and spices. It's absolutely worth getting. It's tart and tangy and a little sweet. So if you're going to get anything, get those!

Our entrees were the steak burrito and the al pastor tacos with rice and beans. Both were pretty standard and good portions. While we've had better burritos and tacos, they still were tasty and we wouldn't be mad going back there once it's safe and enjoying both the food and the atmosphere.


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